Frequently asked questions

Why should an organisation want to change from their existing supplier?

The government has signed up to a mandatory Carbon Reduction Commitment. This means that UK firms are facing changes imposed by the government to become more efficient. While Document destruction is a small part of a firms footprint, ensuring that suppliers are as efficient as possible not only offers marketing differentiation and advantage but also protects the firm from costly price rises due to the suppliers inefficiency. This is made worse if the client is tied into a contract with an inefficient supplier. For example a supplier who has fuel as a large part of their operating costs will be forced to pass on increased costs to his client as fuel duty rises.

My documents are destroyed by a truck on my premises, is this not the most secure?

Not necessarily. The bag or wheelie bin must be emptied into the shredding machine that’s in the back of the truck. Also a shredding machine weighs over 1.5 tonnes and is noisy. It is clearly inefficient and costly to move such a bulky and heavy piece of equipment around clients premises.

How can I order new Shredding Boxes?

It works in two ways. Either by entering into a contract for a fixed amount of time. Alternatively you can order when your bins are full on an ‘ad hoc’ basis

Is it not very expensive, Green ideas normally are?

We believe we’re the cheapest in the market. The reason for this is our efficiency meaning that we can genuinely pass on savings to the customer. If you enter into a contract with us we provide the bins at a discount as it allows us to be more efficient with route planning. Smaller customers can email us when their boxes are full (or just before !) and we’ll swap them over. We call this our pay-as-you-go service.

Do you provide Certification of Destruction ?

Yes, when we destroy your ShreddingBox we issue you with a Certificate of Destruction. Each ShreddingBox carried a unique identity number which allows us to track your documents all the way through the process

 Carbon Neutral

Our unique approach is 100% carbon neutral. We supply boxes made from 80% recycled board. We cross shred your files into a snowflake size and they are then bleached to remove all ink. The remnants of your old documents are then recycled....

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 Robust & Secure

ShreddingBox delivers robust, secure, sealed, tamperproof Shredding Boxes to your premises. Once they have been filled, we replace them with new, empty ones, and take the full ones away for destruction...

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 Why Use Us

Our unique system ensures that the whole process is environmentally sound. The whole process is carbon neutral. This is helful for client’s environment compliance policy. We destroy the box and its contents. Paper and cardboard are 100% recyclable...

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Offsite Secure Destruction

Legislation as detailed within the Data Protection Act(1998) requires all businesses to guard and to dispose of confidential data in an effective manner. Our secure destruction services and stringent processes ensure your total compliance with this legislation. We offer a full range of document and data destruction services, all of which are carried out to BSI and HM Government approved standards and which are in full compliance with DPA