Shredding Box – A green and pleasant future!

ShreddingBox was conceived to simplify and reduce the cost of the secure document destruction process. The founders of the company have decades of experience in the Document Management and Storage industries and believe that a gap exists for a firm to reduce costs and increase the security of the system.

I was visiting a Records Management client and I noticed that there was a large truck in the car park. There were 4 sacks of documents unattended on the ground next to the truck and the driver was remonstrating with another motorist whose car was evidently blocked in by the truck. It got me thinking.

ShreddingBox is managed and run by its two founders – Martin Chalmers and Keith Grant. The concept is simple – customers ‘post’ documents for shredding into a secure, tamperproof, recyclable box. The whole box and its contents are destroyed and recycled. Simple.

 Carbon Neutral

Our unique approach is 100% carbon neutral. We supply boxes made from 80% recycled board. We cross shred your files into a snowflake size and they are then bleached to remove all ink. The remnants of your old documents are then recycled....

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 Robust & Secure

ShreddingBox delivers robust, secure, sealed, tamperproof Shredding Boxes to your premises. Once they have been filled, we replace them with new, empty ones, and take the full ones away for destruction...

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 Why Use Us

Our unique system ensures that the whole process is environmentally sound. The whole process is carbon neutral. This is helful for client’s environment compliance policy. We destroy the box and its contents. Paper and cardboard are 100% recyclable...

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