Shredding Box – a carbon neutral company

Our unique approach is 100% carbon neutral. We supply boxes made from 80% recycled board. We cross shred your files into a snowflake size and they are then bleached to remove all ink. The remnants of your old documents are then recycled into tissue paper products.

We use Land Rover vehicles as Land Rover has offset 100% of its manufacturing assembly CO2 emissions at its two UK factories in Solihull and Halewood. In addition Land Rover enables their customers to offset their driving emissions for the first 45,000 miles. An example of how Land Rover achieve this is the support of two 7mw hydro electricity generators at Lake Yashikul in Tajikistan. This produces up to 94,000 mwh of electricity per year – enough for 28,000 UK homes.

ShreddingBox also has a planting scheme of around 40 saplings per year at St Georges wood close to the Pentlands National Park in Midlothian.

 Carbon Conscious

Shredding Box understands that customers are keener than ever to work with companies demonstrating their green credentials. Shredding Box takes a positive approach to tackling and climate change and outlines how we are taking....

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 Robust & Secure

ShreddingBox delivers robust, secure, sealed, tamperproof Shredding Boxes to your premises. Once they have been filled, we replace them with new, empty ones, and take the full ones away for destruction...

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 Why Use Us

Our unique system ensures that the whole process is environmentally sound. The whole process is carbon neutral. This is helful for client’s environment compliance policy. We destroy the box and its contents. Paper and cardboard are 100% recyclable...

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